The 5th IRAN International Public Health Summer School (IPHS2017) is a 7-day long course that aims for the promotion of public health through introducing its key concepts to the minds of eager participants, using engaging and exciting themes and models. The educational program includes an approximately 40 hours long Distance Learning Course and a 7-day On-Campus Course.

Simulated, Story-based, Gamified Public Health Education

The 5th IRAN International Public Health Summer School is an educational course that simulates individual and group activities of a public health specialist. The storyline follows a science-fiction plot in 2200, which takes place after the annihilation of earth in another galaxy. During the distance learning program, participants get to know about public health science through the reality-based fictional theories that led to earth’s demise in the 21st century.

During the on-campus course, participants are given the chance to put their skills from the previous part to the test in order to elevate the health status in other planets, trying to solve public health challenges they face in those planets.

All educational materials in IPHS2017 are based on this simulated concept and try to create a competing environment between the teams to reinforce the educational objectives.

Main Educational Topics

6 main areas of public health education will be addressed in IPHS2017:

  1. An Introduction to Public Health,
  2. Social Determinants of Health,
  3. Epidemiology and biostatistics,
  4. Environmental Health,
  5. Health Policy and Management
  6. Global Health

Also, 3 interdisciplinary subjects are added to the mentioned areas, including advocacy, leadership and team building.

With a complete renewal of the educational curriculum, IPHS2017 will follow its goals using an integrated coherent fictional storyline. During the distance learning phase, there is an emphasis on enhancement of knowledge while the on-campus course is more about skills and reenactments.

IPHS2017 Distance Learning Course

In this course, the basics of public health will be delivered to the participants so that they get an overview of a master of public health course as designed by the association of schools and programs of public health (ASPPH). Each participant in the Distance Learning Course should spend approximately 40 hours watching educational videos, reading text materials, completing exercises and filling out tests and quizzes.

IPHS2017 On-Campus Course

The IPHS2017 On Campus Course will be held from August 11th – 18th, 2017 at The National Museum of Medical Sciences History, that is located in Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Group activities, gamification, active learning through problem-solving methods and other engaging workshops and discussions will be put to use in this part of the program to put further emphasis on the Distance Learning Course training materials and help participants to figure out the applicable examples of public health practice. Fifty hours of individual and teamwork activities will be the high point of the program, ensuring the long lasting friendships made in the IPHS community.

The On-Campus Course participants need to successfully pass the Distance Learning Course.

Social Programs

During the IPHS2017 On Campus Course, we have prepared one half-day sightseeing tour around the city of Tehran. Historical sites and amusement centers are chosen and the expenses are covered by the hosts. Participants also have half a day to access a variety of Tehran’s cultural and tourist attractions.