Jason Meisner

When I first came across the course I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about public health and at such a great university. Previously, I did not study public health and I find it a useful topic to know and understand, especially how it relates to other sectors such as food and nutrition. I also wanted to try a course at an excellent university that would challenge me. For these reasons, I chose this course.
The program seemed like a neat interactive fit of videos, forums, and whiteboards. The thorough introduction of the course made me believe it would be a good program. The brochure clearly outlined the objectives of the course and the background of the teachers. Seeing the pictures and hearing about the previous years also helped me see what the outcomes of the course were.
I benefited first from understanding the foundational principles of public health. I learned details and aspects of public health and also how to advocate and lead human health. Learning about advocacy and leadership were useful tools that can be applied of public health as well. Discussing the issues with other students challenged my thinking and understanding of other places around the world. I appreciated the format of the course that was setup as a scenario for us. It made it more fun to learn.
The two most significant improvements I would say are my understanding the different pillars of public health. Before I had a general idea of what public health was. Now I know the important components and ways it connects with other topics. The second thing I learned was the challenges of public health and innovative ways to improve them. Hearing about the changes in health in Maryland was interesting as I did not know the ways health policies could change to incentivize hospitals to focus and improve on health outcomes.

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