1st IRAN International Public Health Summer School(IPHS2013)

1st IRAN International Public Health Summer School(IPHS2013)

The IPHS2013 training program had two sections including public health sessions (PHS) and Training New Trainers (TNT). Each of these sections was three days long. In total, the IPHS2013 training programs lasted 43 hours, 19 hours for PHS and 24 hours for TNT.

The 1st IPHS was held on the 10th to 15th of September 2013 on the beautiful Kish Island of Iran. This exclusive event gathered 40 students from Middle Eastern and European countries. The programs consisted of a coherent schedule of dynamic speeches and even more engaging group activities. The core team of the IPHS2013 project was chosen from among the most talented and most involved students of the Iranian Medical Students Association (IMSA – previously, IFMSA-IRAN). Two main themes were pursued in IPHS2013, the basic concepts of public health and training of new trainers.

The public health-related subjects included:

1-      Primary Health Care
2-      Social Determinants of Health
3-      Global Health and Challenges
4-      Management of Public Health Interventions and Services
5-      Research Methods in Public Health
6-      Mobile Health (mHealth)

The appropriate order of topics, their logical relations, presentation methods and active participation in discussions; significantly improved the quality of training.

A training new trainer (TNT) is one of the official courses of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), which aims to train new trainers around the world. This course (which is supervised and approved by IFMSA) was held for the third time in Iran. The purpose of considering this course in IPHS2013 was increasing participant’s capability in presentation skills, team work and team management. 123 students applied for IPHS2013, Out of whom only 46 people were chosen to participate. 12 foreign participants from Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic, Austria, Iraq, and Tanzania were accepted; Iranian participants were from Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Kerman.

IMSA executed IPHS2013 with the principal support of the International Campus of Tehran University of Medical Science; along with the cooperation of the Regional Knowledge Hub for HIV/AIDS Surveillance (HIV/HUB), Kerman student research center and Kerman University Vice Chancellor of Education Support.

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